Triple C - Permafrost Region Drained Lake Basins

Understanding causes and consequences of catastrophic permafrost region lake drainage in an evolving arctic system

Smooth Windy Travel Day to Bright wind-free Tesh Wonderland


After three work days around Utqiagvik we hit the tundra to Teshekpuk Lake. Yesterday morning temps were below zero F, very clear skies and pretty windy from the North. We left at about 11am, riding the snowroad south. We veered East at the fork leading to Deadhorse and Atqasuk to find very smooth tundra riding and a stiff cold sidewind.


The geophysics and coring/instrumentation crews stopped along the Meade River to instrument and TEM a dense set of lakes with high drainage potential. Wrapping up arouind 4pm, we rode the final 90 clicks to Qaviarot cabin on the shores of Teshekpuk. We all slept inside, but got up earlier and set up 2 arctic oven tents to free up the cabin for cooking and science.


Today is amazing! Very clear and bright and virtually now wind. Makes putting up tents way easier and most of us were out the door early by Tesh standards. Successful geophysics and drone snow survey of Bean Basin. Misha and I took our time to get organized and equipment warm, dry, and happy. Then we visited Derksen Basin and Schmutz Pond; both named after prominent AK bird biologist who work in the region. DTLBs are major league bird habitat, plus Derk reported on the drainage of North Lake and conversion to a DTLB. Got both instrumented Misha mightly collected at nice 2-m core through lake sediments and into reformed permafrost once North Lake’s drained and its talik refroze.