Triple C - Permafrost Region Drained Lake Basins

Understanding causes and consequences of catastrophic permafrost region lake drainage in an evolving arctic system

New Snogo and Snowscape


Two visitors rode in from Utqiagvik last night to swap out our busted snowmachine for a functioning one. Nelson and Harvard with UIC made the journey into a very strong east wind, stayed to share story of recent whale harvest, then turned around to head back to Barrow as the spring sun set on the north horizon around 11am. Thanks CPS and UIC for the help!


The wind is starting to set down this morning and we packed 4 sleds yesterday, so just need to take down tents and shut down camp to begin south-ride to our next camp at Inigok. Taking down tents after a blow is always a pain because drifted snow cements them into a new snowscape. Even getting into our tent last night at 1am was exciting, but thankfully Misha went ahead of me to dig out our entrance with typical Russian cheer.


Excited to be getting into the Sand Sea country!